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​Association of entrepreneurship promotion
Centre for entrepreneurship Osijek has been founded in 1997. as non profit association whose founders are local entrepreneurs and proffesors from University of Josip Juraj Strossmayer Osijek with the goal: 
  • stimulating development and promotion of entrepreneurship business behaviour in small and medium entreprises, their owners and those who want to be entrepreneurs 
  • gathering all people interested in entrepreneurship 
  • contribution on creating entrepreneurship network in the region 
Main activities of centre are focused on following areas:
  • consulting services
  • preparation and implementation of EU projects
  • education dealing with EU projects
  • education and trainings of start up entrepreneurs 
  • specialized seminars aadjusted to the client needs
  • counselling and informing              
  • business and investment plans making 
  • Center for franchise
Beside its main activities, Centre continously works on entrepreneurship promotion and creating entrepreneurship culture and entrepreneurship way of thinking and working in every day life. 
Centre has participated in many local and international projects with the goal of development of small and medium entrepresise, work advancement of entrepreneurship support institutions as well as networking of economy, education and other relevant subjects. 

Centre for entrepreneurship Osijek
ManagerDarija Krstić

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