ICT media

ICT media internet poslovanje

ICT media internet poslovanje

ICT media will advise give you answers on all questions dealing with internet business. 

ICT media will create attractive design of your web site, create web site or web application by order, put your website on reliable server and help you organize business communication with advanced settings.

ICT media will open door to your internet business:

  • presence of your company by your own web site on the internet

  • selling your products via internet market

  • increase importance of your brand on the internet

Business and internet communication

Web servers rent and web hosting services

Maintenance of web pages and administration of web projects

Content of web page is the most important factor of every internet project. If your company does not have department or person in charge of content update of your internet pages, ICT media will take care of that. This type of service can include following:

  • periodically or constant content update 

  • products and services content update

  • editing graphic elements and photos for publishing on web site

  • proofreading of contents

  • translation of contents

  • improvement and optimization of internet search engine contents

ICT media internet poslovanje


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