Virtual incubator

Business Incubator BIOS has signed a contract within IPA IIIC Programme (Business related infrastructure grant scheme) for implementing the project Modular production facilities within Business Incubator BIOS and through project virtual incubator is developed.
What is virtual incubator?
Virtual incubator is web platform developed with the goal of providing support for development of small and medium enterprises. It is a web platform through which Business Incubator BIOS provides its business, technical and educational services to the tenants and entrepreneuers that are not phisically placed in the BIOS.

What is the goal of the virtual incubator?
Goal of virtual incubator is to help new entrepreneuers in business and development and by that support the development of the region. Web platform provides different services to the entrepreneuers that are not phisically placed in the BIOS.

Who can become a virtual incubator tenant?
Virtual incubator programme is aimed for new entrepreneuers that perform production and development or develop projects from areas such as ICT, multimedia, digital graphics, bioinformatics, biotechnology, electrical engineering, electronic business. Briefly, virtual incubator is intended for entrepreneuers that use innovative business concept.  Virtual incubator services can be used by former BIOS tenants that have finished their incubation process. Also, virtual tenant can be natural person that has started a company registration process.

How to become virtual incubator tenant?
New entrepreneuers that do business less than two years or natural persons that have started company registration process and have growth and development potential will get their clectronic identity in virtual incubator system. To become a virtual tenant, entrepreneuer has to fill in the forms available here. Decision whether tenant is appropriate for become a virtual tenant is brough by the Commission for tenants reception.

What services does virtual incubator provide?
  • Advisory services
  • Networking with other entrepreneuers and supporting institutions
  • Communication about interest themes through communicator
  • Conference room rent once a month
  • Presentation of products/services on BIOS web page
  • Using business data base
  • Education – seminars, webinars
  • Knowledge base system
Services that virtual incubator provides are free for its virtual tenants.