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Building C

The Hardware Laboratory of the BIOS Entrepreneurial Incubator is designed for rapid prototyping. The laboratory is equipped with industrial 3D printers, equipment, and tools for further processing of plastics, metals, and wood. Users of the Hardware Laboratory are entrepreneurs and innovators working on the development of new products and needing equipment for prototyping. The BIOS Entrepreneurial Incubator offers users who are not familiar with handling equipment and tools a service for preparing and processing their models.

What services does the Hardware Laboratory offer?

    • creation and/or processing of 3D models using SolidWorks 3D modeling software
    • scanning of physical objects with a 3D scanner
    • creation of models using one of three industrial 3D printers in FDM, DLP, or SLS technologies
    • material processing on a CNC machine
    • processing and engraving on a laser cutting and engraving machine
    • processing using other machines such as a lathe, press, sandblaster, pad printing
    • measurement and inspection of prepared parts using microscopes, oscilloscopes, and other measuring equipment

Who is the Hardware Laboratory intended for?

    • The services of the Hardware Laboratory are intended for small and medium-sized enterprises, individuals, and teams engaged in innovation and the development of technological equipment and devices.
      The laboratory is equipped with machines and tools for rapid prototyping.
      Trained personnel with the necessary knowledge and skills for using the equipment and devices are available to users in the Hardware Laboratory.

What equipment is found in the Hardware Laboratory?

    • SLS industrial 3D printer Formiga P110
    • SLS industrial 3D printer Sinterit Lisa X
    • FDM industrial 3D printer Stratasys F770
    • FDM industrial 3D printer Stratasys F170
    • DLP 3D printer LiquidCrystal PRO
    • CNC vertical milling machine Datron NEO
    • 3D scanner HP 3D structured light scanner PRO S3
    • Laser engraving and cutting machine Epilog Zing 24
    • Lathe, 20-ton press, sandblasting machine, pad printing machine
      Cutting, drilling, grinding machines
      Microscope, oscilloscope
      Hand tools

Specifications of the most important equipment

For additional information about using the hardware laboratory, you can contact us via email providing details about the purpose of using the laboratory and the level of proficiency in handling the machines.